The Uni v2

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* Pro micro, switches, and keycaps assembled
* Gemini PR firmware
* NOT INCLUDED: usb cable, backplate, qwerty mode, nkro qwerty mode

Assembled + backplate:
* Pro micro, switches, and keycaps assembled
* Has backplate
* NOT INCLUDED: usb cable, qwerty mode, nkro qwerty mode

* Black PCB
* Has diodes pre-soldered
* NOT INCLUDED: usb cable, backplate, pro micro, switches, keycaps

The Uni is a minimal, unibody-split-ortholinear keyboard made for stenography, using an ortholinear layout, and has a caseless PCB design. The PCB is compatible with MX, Alps*, and Chocs v1 switches which makes it the most inclusive steno keyboard on the market. *A plate (not included or provided) is necessary to use the Alps switches.

The minimal design with only 28 keys means that the number keys are located on the outside of each of your thumbs. The thumbs are 1u below the second row which matches the actual shape of the hand to provide better ergonomics. The left and right halves are 2u apart for a more relaxed steno-experience.

It has N-key rollover (NKRO).

The PCB comes with a black soldermask and HASL copper surface finish. It is a pro-micro-based board which makes it compatible with the Pro Micro or Elite C. Bluetooth is not an option.

The Uni uses the GeminiPR protocol through the QMK firmware. You must have Plover installed on your computer in order to operate the keyboard, otherwise the keyboard strokes will not be recognized and cannot be interpreted. To learn how to set up the Uni with Plover, go to Step 7 of the Guide.

Assembled Details:
The assembled Uni will come with Gateron Clear switches with an actuation force of about 35 grams. The keycaps will be 3d printed using white PLA filament and will have a glossy surface finish. Caps may look inconsistent due to the nature of it being 3d printed. The board comes with a Pro Micro attached so that it plugs in to the computer with a normal micro-usb cable. The usb connector on the pro micro will be reinforced with resin, but remember that it is very fragile, and can break if not handled with care. You may use a magnetic data cable to soften the stress on the connector each time you unplug the device. The Pro Micro color may vary.

Fully Assembled version DOES NOT INCLUDE BACKPLATE. Backplate is sold separately. (edit: I added an option for a backplate add-on). It is still usable without a backplate. The backplate makes the keyboard slightly taller and bulkier than without.

Expect several weeks of lead time before shipment because the boards will be assembled on-demand and the amount of people in line can contribute to the waiting time.

PCB Only Details:
The PCB is black, with HASL surface finish. The diodes will come pre-soldered on the back. You must supply your own: microcontroller (e.g. Pro Micro/Elite C), switches, and keycaps. You can buy 3d printed keycaps on the product page.

4 rubber feet will be included.

PCB orders will most likely ship within a few days.

Uni v2 revisions:
* Black.
* Curvy traces.
* M2 mounting holes for compatibility with custom case.
* Add separate reset pad on PCB for easier reset-ability.
* Silkscreen covered by the pro micro with instructions on how to orient and place the pro micro.
* "The Uni" text, logo, and branding displayed on the board is now shiny.

* 248mm x 76mm
* 13u x 4u
* 28 keys
* MX Spacing
* M2 Screw holes
* Gemini PR protocol

By pre-ordering the Uni, the buyer agrees that they will not ask for a cancellation of the pre-order as it interferes with the normal processes. Check the terms and conditions page for more info.