Terms of Service

Normal orders should ship within 2 to 5 days if they are in stock. Assembly orders will ship within 1 to 4 weeks.

I do US and international shipping, but custom fees must be paid by the buyer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds without defect.

In case of a defective product, notify the seller, and the seller will provide support. If the product cannot be fixed, the seller and buyer must both agree to return the product to the seller, and the seller will send an electronic pre-paid USPS shipping label to the buyer which the buyer must adhere to the packaging of the product in the original packaging or an otherwise reasonably suitable form of packaging. The seller will issue a refund once the defect has been verified.

The buyer may cancel an order before shipment, but the buyer will incur the transaction fees. However, requesting cancellations is strongly discouraged as it interferes with the normal processes.

I will pay for the shipping for US returns.

International customers will pay the shipping to return the product.